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About LinkedIn

Is Poked compliant with LinkedIn Terms of Service?

No. Like 100s of 3rd-party LinkedIn tool, Poked uses scrapping to connect to LinkedIn since LinkedIn does not offer any real API to build upon.

Does that mean there's a risk for my LinkedIn account?

No. LinkedIn couldn't live without all the tools that feed off of it. It's a weird ecosystem in a gray area that thrives and everybody is happy of that status quo.

On top of that, Poked is the "least worse" of all LinkedIn tools as it focuses on TRUE relationships and your 1st-degree connections, something LinkedIn encourages. If you use an outreach tool that auto-connects, or auto-likes posts, for instant, your much more "at risk" to have your account suspended.

Lastly, I (Jules Maregiano) have been working with LinkedIn automation/scrapping/sales for the last 6 years and have worked with 100,000 of customers with my work at Phantombuster, Poked, and as a freelancer. Over this time NOT ONE user has ever had their account banned. Temporarily suspended? Maybe a few. Logged out, yes, it happens sometimes, log back in and you're good to go. Happened to me 100s of time.

I'm using Sales Navigator, does that account for anything?

Yes. LinkedIn doesn't want to lose your business. This allows you to do even more actions than with a free plan, for instance synchronizing up to 300 contacts per day instead of 150 for free accounts.

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