Contacts properties

Exhaustive list of all the data made available to you in Poked

Poked imports all the available informations of your 1st-degree contacts.

Before sync'

On your first connection, only key informations are available:

  1. Name: Locate connections quickly by their names.

  2. Headline: Filter by specific keywords in LinkedIn headlines.

After synchronization

As your network detailed infos synchronize, more fields become available:

  1. Current Job Title & Company: Target individuals based on their current professional roles and organizations.

  2. Past Job Titles & Companies: Identify connections based on their previous positions and employers.

  3. Follower Count: Focus on high-impact individuals with substantial LinkedIn followings.

  4. Connection Date: Sort contacts by the date you connected, ideal for follow-up strategies.

  5. Location: Geographically segment your network for localized outreach.

  6. Education: Filter by educational background, great for alumni networking.

  7. Skills: Pinpoint connections with specific skill sets.

  8. Language: Tailor your network based on language proficiencies.

  9. Notes: Utilize your personalized notes for targeted filtering.

  10. Have We Talked?: Identify contacts you’ve had conversations with for follow-ups.

  11. Email, Twitter, Phone, Website Availability: Segment connections based on available contact information for diversified communication strategies.

Can I download this data?

Absolutely. Use the export feature to download all your Poked data to .CSV or .JSON format.

Companies and posts ?

Right now, Poked doesn't import companies' details or posts. Contribute to our roadmap by upvoting these features if they're important to you.

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