Bulk-message your connections

Use bulk message to reach out or follow-up with your audience

Reaching out to your network, or following-up, is a very painful process: First you have to find each person, then open the conversation, copy-paste a message, it's bad, and therefore not used.

Poked aims at making it extremely easy to do thanks to bulk-messaging.

  1. Selection. Select people in your audience using the check-boxes. This works in the CRM, the Inbox, and combines with any filter or tag you want.

  2. Click "New message". This screen lets you write a templated message that will be used as a basis before further customization.

  3. Review & Customize. Poked will then show you each message for you to review, and quickly customize accordingly to each recipient. Use the sidebar to see all their infos!

  4. Schedule (optional). If you're preparing for a launch, write your messages in advance: Poked add them to the queue to be sent at a later date.

  5. Launch !

That's it. All your messages are queue and will be send as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Now, here are some frequently asked questions you might have:

Why can't I send them all at once?

Because LinkedIn doesn't like spam. For that reason, Poked sends them in the background one-by-one, as if you were sending them manually.

Do I need to keep my computer ON?

Yes. In order to be invisible to LinkedIn, Poked takes action from your computer, and the Chrome extension. The downside is your need your computer ON. The upside is that Poked empowers you to take many, many, more action than its cloud-based competitors.

How can I send a group message?

This feature is not yet available. Feel free to create or upvote such feature ideas to let us know you're interested !

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