Messages sync' and update

Understand how the Poked inbox work

LinkedIn doesn't offer a full "live" API. Nevertheless Poked lets you have an almost live feeling thanks to its Chrome extension.

First time on Poked?

On your first connection, all your conversations will be imported. This operation takes about 30 seconds for each 100 conversations. After that, new conversations will be imported when you connect to Poked.


Do you store my private messages?

NO. For obvious privacy reasons, Poked stores your threads, but not your messages.

What's the difference?

  • Threads. They are the list of people making up a conversation. eg: John Doe + Mary Jane.

  • Messages. Are the content of each message attached to a conversation. We don't store them.

Poked fetches the content of your message only when you are inside of a conversation.


Old Chrome versions

Make sure to have Chrome updated to its latest version to have the best messaging experience.

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