Connect to LinkedIn (Chrome Extension)

A necessary step to connect Poked to LinkedIn

1. Add Poked Chrome extension to your browser

The browser extension allows Poked to have access to your LinkedIn account. Poked will use it to important your LinkedIn connections and conversation threads. The content of your messages win not be saved nor stored by Poked.

To download the extension, go on the official Google Chrome store.

Other browsers. At the moment, Poked only supports Chrome. If you are using another browser and wish to use Poked there, let us know by creating or upvoting a feature request ou our roadmap.

📌 We also recommend pinning the Chrome extension in your browser for quick access and added features.

2. Connect your LinkedIn account

After installing the Chrome extension, go to Poked and create an account if you haven't already.

You should see the screen below. Poked has successfully established the connection with LinkedIn. Congrats! Click "continue" to .

Not the right account? If someone else logged to LinkedIn on your computer, simply go to LinkedIn and sign them out of their session and log back in. Poked should notice the change and select your usual account.

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